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Nebraska Family Policy Forum
          United States Green Building USGB                  
  Green Homes Chair
Chisholm Family Farm Please Help This Farmer!

Click Here : Letter to OPPD about there rate hikes and unfair policies, and their unwillingness to work    with customers.

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       May 10, 2016

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Click Here:  Letter from The Senators about the utility shut offs, unnecessary rate hikes also about unnecessary foster care. 

“Paid for by People Supporting  Tonya Ward,        Treasurer " Isaiah  De Leon"

WRITE IN - Ms. Tonya M. Ward for Legislative District 7

OneLove from Omaha: Energy Rescue's Tonya Ward speaks with Pato Banton Part II

OneLove from Omaha: Energy Rescue's Tonya Ward speaks with Pato Banton. Part l

Tonya & Families Testifying To Revoke 2 Guardians At Litem's  Failed Million Dollar Contracts With Support From Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson. 

Tonya Ward

Biographical information. Ms. Tonya M. Ward, a divorced mother of 3 three children, aged 20, 14 and 9. has resided in the south Omaha area over the last 22 years.  She moved to Bellevue from Taiwan, with her mother and her 5 brothers and sisters when her father, a now retired Air Force Master Sergeant, was assigned to Offutt Air Force Base in 1974. 

Ms. Ward, founded Rescue Energy, Inc. 2007 and joined the company as a                   non-profit 501(c)3, a company in Earth Day, April 22, 2008. The company has worked   with Nebraska and international partners to promote music, arts, organic farm fresh foods, sustainable living, and clean energy options. In the Omaha area, because of the pressing needs this winter, Energy rescue has had a primary focus on the defense of persons threatened with services closed public-offs or that have been disconnected and facing homelessness. 

Mrs. Ward was elected member of the Coordinating Council for the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy County in 2014 as a representative of Subcounc